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Dr. Glickson’s practice in Connecticut is conducted largely between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, and in a characteristically New York – based, modern psychoanalytic style.  In contrast, her practice in Miami Beach is conducted largely during evening and weekend hours.  However, this is only part of the difference between the two practices.

Miami Beach is a uniquely varied and engaging environment - for art, architecture, oceanfront scenery, and an internationally diverse social milieu that is suffused with relaxed and tolerant attitudes.  Patients who visit South Florida from other areas, including some of Dr. Glickson’s long-term Connecticut patients, report great benefit from treatment in this whimsical and engaging place, away from their usual, fast-paced environments.  Dr. Glickson uses the Miami Beach environment therapeutically, with a degree of flexibility where indicated.  This can transform patients’ assumptions about how they choose to live after they return home.


The Miami Beach environment encourages creative use of the Three-to-One intensive format.  While developed for couples in crisis, it is being used effectively for families, other small groups and even individuals.  Refer to the Three-to-One Page .  Miami Beach is an attractive destination for a gathering of individuals from disparate parts of the country, whether they family members who are confronting shared concerns, or members of a small business or other group.

Dr. Glickson, who is a board certified group psychotherapist, approaches couples therapy as one permutation of group psychotherapy.  Even a single individual struggling with a relationship can benefit from this “systems theory” approach, and therefore from the Three-to-One® format.





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