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Three-to-One Intensive Couples Therapy

Dr. Glickson and several senior colleagues have formed an informal network to provide "Three-to-One" intensive couples therapy.  Three-To-One therapy involves concentrated, relational work over three consecutive days for a couple experiencing a crisis or impasse. Typically, the Three-to-One therapist meets with the couple Friday through Sunday at a location that takes the couple out of their local environment, and away from competing family and work pressures. Each of the Three-to-One therapists practices independently and has a personal style of treatment, but the therapists are well known to each other, and so able to refer and consult. They offer Three-to-One therapy in many cities, including New York, Cambridge, MA, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami Beach, Santa Monica and Norwalk, CT.  Refer to the Miami Beach page.
Three-To-One therapy addresses the needs of couples grappling with traumas surrounding parenting, launching children, affairs, illness, or actual or threatened separation.  Three-To-One will also benefit couples who have scheduling issues, or who need more than the traditional, once-weekly, 45-minute session.  Couples may be self-referred, or referred by a treating therapist.  If the couple signs the required release, the Three-To-One therapist will consult with the referring therapist or therapists, both in advance of and after the intensive Three-To-One experience.
Typically, the couple meets with the therapist face-to-face for three hours on Friday, for two hours on Saturday and for a final hour of planning and review on Sunday.  Both the couple and the therapist must allow additional time for individualized assignments and reflection, and couples report that the therapy entails an intensive, carefully managed, 48-hour experience.  The Three-to-One therapist will tailor both the schedule and the process to the couple’s specific needs, but the members of the couple should expect to learn about their respective strengths and weaknesses, including destructive behaviors and relevant histories of trauma.  The therapist will teach the "art of progressive emotional communication," focusing the couple on the steps that each partner must take to invigorate the relationship. 

Each partner will be given a journal at the inception of the weekend, in which it is intended that he or she record meaningful thoughts in response to the experience, sometimes to prepare communications to the other partner.  At the end of the weekend, these journals together will comprise the written record of the treatment and the couple's individualized plan for moving forward.
Dr. Glickson offers Three-to-One therapy in Stamford, Connecticut, New York City and Miami Beach.  Patients report that the natural environment in Miami Beach, in particular, is uniquely suited to the Three-to-One experience.  The Three-to-One format has also proven to be exceptionally effective for an individual facing a major life decision, transition or other challenge, who wants to focus intensively on the path forward.  The Three-to-One format can, under certain circumstances, be an effective means of resolving conflicts within families or small business groups.
A sample contract for a Three-to-One can be viewed by clicking here.  A sample schedule for a Three-to-One can be viewed by clicking here.  Once visible on screen, these samples can be printed.
Refer to the Fees Page for fee information. In addition, the couple is responsible for arranging lodging during the weekend at a hotel near her office.  For more information, please call Dr. Glickson, at (203) 323-4600, or contact the Three-to-One Coordinator, Dr. Lyn Sommer, at (203) 227-8844 or www.lynsommerphd.com.